jSCALES4SAXj presents

a new approach to learning scales


60 page book featuring:
24 fun to play studies for saxophone in all keys

plus: all 24 major & minor 
scales and arpeggios clearly laid out

advice on memorising scales for exams

suitable grade 1 - grade 7

£6.95 + p&p

scroll down to listen to studies

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                                        Sample page: jG major 
     Listen to ‘Gee Up’ G major study (version with backing):u

    Each double page spread features the selected scale in its single octave
     and twelfth/two octave versions, plus the related arpeggios.
    Also included are short technical/fingering and tone exercises.
    This is followed by a fun to play study in the key (with demo), and lastly, 
    a ‘complete the melody’ composition task.

                            Examples of the studies to listen to:





                        ....more to follow... 
                                                       keep watching this space!